How do I find the "Is downloading update" condition?

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  • Hi!

    I can't find either the "Is downloading update" or the "On update ready" condition on the browser object. Are still these conditions avalaible in Construct, 239 version? If they are, please, could you tell me how to find them?

    I want to use them to be able to notify about the update when the users load the game website and add a button to refresh the page so they get the new version... Is there any other "smart" way to do it?


  • Maybe need some tweaks but that's the idea.

  • Thanks a lot!

    The problem is I can't find those conditions. These are the only ones I get?

    Maybe need some tweaks but that's the idea.

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  • From the r235 Changelog:

    [quote:38hyqipx]Browser plugin: deprecated 'Is downloading update' and 'On update ready' conditions

    [quote:38hyqipx]Because the new system works differently to the old one, we've deprecated the Browser plugin's 'Is downloading update" and "On update ready" conditions. These only work with AppCache.

    If you really need those conditions, go ahead and download r240 beta, it contains new conditions similar to AppCache:

    [quote:38hyqipx]Triggers for offline events:

    • On offline ready: this is triggered on the first run when offline caching has finished, and the game can now work offline. (Previously there was no equivalent, this is new.)
    • On update found: triggered when an update starts downloading in the background. (Note this is a trigger which fires once, as opposed to the old "Is downloading update" condition.)
    • On update ready: triggered when an update has finished downloading in the background. Closing and reopening the browser tab will start using the update.
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