How do I find the problem and fix this?

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  • It works the way I want for maybe 3-4 clicks then it just stops registering in the progress bar. I might have instance variable on the wrong thing idk. I have also noticed that i can get the first credit for 1 money when it should cost 10 mil. I haven't been able to figure out how to correct that and was thinking it could be what is throwing everything off. what I am trying to get working is having textbox.text show cost for the next total money amount to fill progressbar. Also having the progressbar max increase by 12% each time it is filled and restarted. Cost and progressmax should be the same. I don't explain very well so if any questions i'll try to answer

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  • Thanks for the views. I figured it out after 3 days of fiddling with it. It was the arrangement of actions and the condition on the button. Investment, greater or equal was needed instead of progress bar progress if anyone ever has the same trouble.

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