Where do I find a plugin called "Table" [Data and Storage]

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  • I viewed a screenshot that showed a plugin called "Table" categorized under Insert New Object>Data and Storage heading, I'm hoping that this object works like a conventional word processing table.

    Any idea where I can find this "Table" plugin? The only result of my searches is some JavaScript thing called 'hash table.'

  • That was mine i think.. are you referring to this?


    Its a custom plugin (I haven't published it yet) that i created that gives me 2D dynamic named storage with some cool features like sorting, merging, select where conditions stuff like that. Its basically a turbo charged hash table ... if you not sure what a has table is then think of it as 2 dimensional dictionary. The storage plugin is the same thing buts its 3 demensional. The list plugin is the same thing as a dictionary but optimized for better performance and works with raw JSON files (they all do).

    Any way if this is what your referring to in interested in using them id be happy to post them for you.

    Edit: better explanation I think

    • List = dictionary (with custom improvements)
    • Table = 2 dimensional dictionary (with custom improvements)
    • Storage = 3 dimensional dictionary (with custom improvements)

    Example Usage to help describe its purpose:


  • Thanks troublesum. Yes, it was in your screenshot that I saw it. I wanted to PM you but I lack the needed 500 points.

    I'm just barely getting my feet wet with C2 and I'm in over my head. Really I was just looking for a table as a formatting aid. My "game" is text-based, all text so that means there aren't any examples for me to look at. It seems to me that my needs are simpler than your table plugin. I was just hoping for a formatting table, like a word processor table, if it existed.

    Right now I'm just positioning/stacking textboxes to resemble a table and that'll work. I'm just exploring all possibilities to get it as right as I can before I get too deep into it.

    Once again you have been very helpful. I can't thank you enough.

  • CasperRosewater - you know my plugin might actually be very useful for what your doing. Its really easy to work with text boxes dynamically when you have named storage. Here is a zip file with my plugin and a few examples. You might fund it useful for what your doing?

    Plugin + Example Capx





    Edit: In case you not familure with how to install plugins just drop the plugin folder from the zip file to this directory "C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins". Then re-open C2 and the capx should work

  • Thanks again. Based on your new screenshot example it might just be exactly what I was hoping for. Installing it now; will give it a shot.

    Thank you, thank you.

  • troublesum:

    I'm getting an error on the plugin on CS2 load. The error is pointing to construct2\exporters\html5\plugins\table\common.js.

  • CasperRosewater - Hmm. Is this happening on both capx or just one. I realized that one of the capx i provided was using a another plugin i didn't give you (not required.. i just accidentally left is added). I removed it and re-uploaded both capx again in the zip file. Try downloading and running it again.

    As for this error path:


    I wouldn't rename folder. If Ashley Ever includes a "table" folder mine would b over writen so I would keep it the same name as what i put it. But any way try it again and let me know.

  • My error. I dropped the entire unzipped folder "table." I now see TRBLSM_table_plugin inside that folder. I will be needing those example capx, too.

    Thanks again.

  • No problem... I updated my original post so you can re-download it from there to get the updated capx files.

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  • troublesum:

    I've been playing with your table and I see the benefit. One problem unique to me: since my entire game/layout is just a table with a few buttons, that table will look fairly boring and beyond boring, I will need to segregate/isolate groups of textboxes within the table, to appear as a uniform row or a column by applying uniform background colors. Kind of like when in a print table, every other row or column is 20% grey, for example, to make it easier to read against the white, except mine must be more complex than "every other/20%," mostly for ease of use but also for visual appeal.

    When I apply css to your table, that css is applied to the entire table. Bummer.

    I understand why and as a workaround I went back to just positioning/stacking individual textboxes and applying css to them individually. That can still work but it was only then that I began to recognize the elegance of using your table.

    Is there a way to for me to format the textboxes of your table individually? I'd be willing to dig into JavaScript if it wasn't extremely complex and I could know it would get me what I need.

    As always,

    Thank you

  • CasperRosewater - Absolutely. Remember if you can pick an instance and set text then you can pick an instance and set its CSS



    Updated capx


    Also just for future reference be sure when trying to get a hold of someone put the "@" symbol infront of their name so they will get an orange notification.

  • Does it allow limited customization of the appearance of the output table?

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