How do I find the main source object?

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  • If you have a lot of layouts, and the same objects copied throughout many of them, it can be very difficult to figure out where your original object is located. I have an object that spawns through an event but it isn't spawning at the scale I want it to, because I don't know which layout has the original source object's scale.

    Does that makes sense?

    Anyone know how to find that, or also how to set a default object size on something, that would then change on all the instances of that object?

  • Keep the original object out of the the Layout and then if you choose that object in the "create object" event, it should spawn it with the same settings as the original one.

    I hope I could help a little

  • I always create a layout called "Dump" and put the first instance of all objects in it. You don't need to load the layout during the game, it just needs to be in the project.

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  • Good suggestions. Thanks.

    I'm doing some clean up work now, to try and make sure original objects are all in a "dump" sort of layout.

  • In case this helps anyone, I did find a solution to this issue.

    If you select the object in the layout where the size is set the way you want it...

    then COPY those size values...

    then switch to a layout or event sheet where there is no instance of that object loaded...

    then click the object in the projects bar...

    it should show no numbers in the size attribute if the size varies throughout the project...

    then PASTE the size values you want in there...

    now it should have the proper size values throughout the entire project

    for some reason I had to paste and hit enter a few times for it to take...

    but I think that's only because the program was taking some time to think...

    since there were about 80 instances of the object to apply that size too

    hope that helps

    I still don't know how to determine exactly which instance of an object it chooses when you spawn an object with an event... but this is at least a way to deal with the issue

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