How do I find out what event is changing my speed?

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  • I'm working on an endless runner game where the player has to jump from obstacle to obstacle. To make things interesting I increase the bullet speed of the obstacles (for example: "Obstacle.Bullet.Speed * 1.05" using the Every X Seconds action. But shortly after that event increases the speed, something else resets the speed back to it's default value. I cannot find any other event that is supposed to change this, and in Debug mode I can't seem to find out what exactly is changing it. Any ideas?

  • Well, short of looking at your .capx to try and find it, I'd suggest plugging "speed" into the event sheet search box so it'll isolate any events to do with speed.

    It sounds like the game might be treating the speed increase as a one-off event instead of continuous, so it'll increase the speed of one object, but as another one spawns it sets speed back to its original. Only guessing though.

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  • That was indeed the problem. Instead of putting it in the events where I created the obstacles I put it somewhere else, applying it only to the current obstacles. I guess that's what happens when you work with less then normal amounts of sleep.

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