How do I find a coordinate knowing distance and angle from a certain point?

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  • i'm making a 2d game where someone can make bridge-like structures like iceman. he shoots out a string of bullets with gravity (called Sprite9), which turn into platforms (called Sprite8) on contact with another solid. i am trying to spawn these platforms in 5 pixels from the contact, at the angle of motion of the bullet. i'm using "system>create object" for this so it wants me to plug in an x and y coordinate for the new Sprite8.

    I hope someone can help.

  • Whatever the solid is that the bullet is colliding with, you can use the spawn action for that solid to spawn the platforms on the solid, or at an imagepoint/particular location on that solid. If it's 5px away then move an imagepoint 5px away and spawn them there.

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  • Yeah, you can create the object at the point of collision and then use "Move 5px at angle". Or use these formulas:

    newX = startX+distance*cos(angle)

    newY = startY+distance*sin(angle)

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