How do I finalize a game template bought from the Store?

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  • Hi, probably a noob question but gotta learn somehow

    I bought some game templates from the Scirra Store. They are templates, so not complete games. The menu screen graphics say template, etc.

    So in order to make them into complete games I need to add a bunch of stuff like levels, various logics, graphics, etc. but I read in the Store License text that I don't receive ownership of my purchase, but only permission to use it, if I understood that correctly... so how do I use this exactly then? It's currently called Template, so it does not even have a name of a game. I then must give it a name, let's say My XYZ Game but that would indicate that I am taking ownership of the game while I am not allowed to do that?

    Thanks in advance

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  • I think it means that you don't have ownership of the template - you can't re-sell under a different name and stuff like that.

    But once you create a game using this template, this game will be yours and you could do whatever you want with it.

    Of course I may be wrong.

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