How do I make a Filter app using List objects

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  • So I'm trying to do something fairly complex but hopefully one of you geniuses out there can solve it in 2 seconds.

    I'm going to try and be as specific as I can to help you out.

    I want to create a filter using lists to narrow down the number of results.

    User selects from 4 lists different selection criteria. These are the 4 lists.

    1. Color; red;green;blue

    2. size; small;medium;large

    3. Material;cotton;silk;leather

    4. Style;vintage;current;modern

    based on their selections, lets say... red small cotton and modern

    it would generate a list, could be just one or multiple, of items that fit that description.

    it would be drawing from a database of multiple items

    to continue, when a user clicks the button find my items it generates a list that would have three columns

    Designer, ID Number, and Location.

    Like i said there could be multiple items or just one that fit the LIST criteria selected by the user.

    ALSO and this is important, if a user doesn't select a list like leaves style blank, i want the list to populate all items that are tagged with either vintage, current, or modern.

    I'm open to using JSON to import a list from excel or any method.

    The thing i really need to know how to filter a list in a way that can return multiple items.

    For one more visual.

    Color: Red

    Size: Small

    Material: Blank

    Style: Vintage


    Designer | ID Number | Location |

    Joes | 383030 | Store 3 |

    Johns | 345454 | Store 1 |

    Hudson | 385353 | Store 5 |

    AA | 353550 | Store 3 |


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