How do I fill window with sprite on 1st layout

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  • The title is a bit off.

    My window size and layouts are 1280, 720.

    My 1st layout is my splash screen. After 3 secs this fades away and a background image of an elevator and a few feet of wall fade in.

    Right now, when i check it in the browser for the ipad setting the image touches the sides but it has the black bars on top.

    I've tried enlarging the image, but since part of it is outside the layout it doesn't affect it, setting canvas size, layer scale... Nothing works. I need to get that elevator image to fit the entire screen of an ipad. Since there is a reveal when the user pushes the elevator button. This image fades out and you are standing on a platform surrounded by space.

    This will be the ONLY layout/layer that has to cover the entire screen, until the button is pushed. The rest of the layouts are intentionally created to have black bars on all 4 sides.

    So, how can i achieve this? If i could change the window size on that layout till the button is pushed then revert to original window would be perfect.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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  • I know you have said layer scale didn't work for you - have you tried layout scale?

  • Yes. I've tried everything inside the actions box (window).

    This just dawned on me. I think i can just enlarge the layout vertically, while keeping the window size the same. This should allow the ipad to be filled with images outside the window.

    Gonna try this out today.

  • Something is wrong. Scroll to isn't working. Scroll to object, X and Y, nothing. Unbounded scroll has been set to both on and off.

    Really aggrivating.

  • jeffige if you have the same window and layout size (your first post) you can't scrolling anything because there is nothing to scroll. You need a diffrent size for the layout ...

    To fix the problem with the black bars (I hope I have understood you correctly)

    Configuration Settings:

    Fullscreen in browser -> Scale outer


    Get the screen size --> calculate the scale to fill the hole screen --> set it to the image

    I hope this was your problem ...

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