How do I fill space using sprite font?

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  • Hi I'm wondering if there is a way to make sprite font have a space "image". My font sheet is not transparent but black and I don't want gaps between the words. Perhaps this picture is telling.

    I'm guessing space is just a rule in numbers for how many pixels between words rather than a peace of the sheet itself.

    I thought of a ugly solution and that is to have a special character as a "blank space" instead of actual, hit key on keyboard, space. So all my text would look like "Hi$I$love$C2!" But I puke fountains in my mouth just thinking about that ugly solution.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

  • You could just paint the $ black in your image editor and use

    replace(src, find, rep)

    Find all occurrences of find in src and replace them with rep.

    That way your texts would look normal..

  • Why not have a blank square in the spritefont and add a "space" in the string in character set box on the left.

    No need to find and replace anything.



    My spritefont has A-Z then a blank square then 0-9. My character set is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789

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  • I swab up the vomit and tip my hat in your direction Minor ty ty

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