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  • I installed the ZigZag behavior to see what it would do. I do not need this anymore so I uninstalled it, but now the game keeps asking for this behavior. I do not think I have any objects with ZigZag added to them, nor is this behavior mentioned in the event sheets.

    Any ideas how to either find out quickly what objects may have this behavior or how to uninstall properly so the game wont keep asking for it?

    Thank you,


  • you'll have to check each object and family one by one.

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  • Opening the caproj as a text file (XML) might be a quicker alternative. If you have saved your project as a single file, simply open it as a ZIP file, and you'll find the caproj at the root level.

    Inside the XML, check the ID associated with the problematic behavior and which objects or families that still use that particular behavior ID. You could then edit out the behavior from the XML manually but it's generally safer to just reinstall the behavior and do the changes inside Construct.

  • Ah I didn't realize the object in the library still has the behavior. It wasn't on stage so I didn't think to look there. I feel dumb now lol.

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