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  • What options - if any - are available "offline" file I/O and saving data? My plan is to deploy Construct games to mobile devices and need to save and load basic game-related information. I've done some searches but didn't find any relevant information (unless I just flat-out missed it.)

    All of my prior engine experience is with the Garage Games products, Unity, etc. and I'm probably over thinking things *shrug*

    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. Great product, by the way...I purchased it yesterday and have already deployed some test apps to an Android device or two. Looking forward to future updates.

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  • I guess you could use the WebStorage plugin, explained here. (The webstorage is already in your install of C2).

    Concerning the Android test apps, did you follow some steps/softwares provided/proposed in the forum/site or did you use your own method ? If the latter, would you mind posting about it, it could be useful to the community.

  • Thanks for pointing that out much appreciated! I'll kick the wheels and give it a try.

    In regards to the mobile publishing, I used plain old Phonegap since I've used it at work before and am somewhat familiar-ish with it. After following some of the tutorials I set up a simple, stupid side-scrolling shooter with controls like Zombieville and got it running on my Galaxy Tab without too many issues.

    Again, thanks for pointing out that plugin!


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