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  • hi,

    im new to this forum and im trying to run an exe file from Construct 2. The file is imported to my proyect but i dont know how to execute the file.

    Is this possible?

    if yes, can you explain me plz?

  • Even with javascript, I don't think there's any way you could run an executable from what's essentially a web page. You could download the file (with the Browser -> Go to URL action), but not open it.

  • Hi,

    im exporting my app as a desktop exe (winx86, winx64, linux, etc) not as a web page.

    so if i can run my app as an exe file i guess i can call other exe�s to be executed.

    am i wrong?

  • You are wrong.

    The exe still runs in what's basically a web environment. The exported executable is simply the HTML5 game running in its own web browser as a sort-of wrapper.

  • Ok,

    thanks for that.

    So i can�t run external files with c2...


  • I'm not saying that it's definitely impossible, just that it's not possible with standard web security practices. There might be some third-party plugins that could do this, but my knowledge of JavaScript isn't great enough to know the details.

  • Didi you try Nodejs plugin?

  • Why are you trying to open other .exe files? You shouldn't need to do this at all.

  • It's more than possible, you can check here for one way to do it. I implemented shell in my node-webkit plugin, but haven't tested it thoroughly. There are other ways to do it, here's one of the possible ways

    GeometriX Node-webkit is not entirely browser environment, it's much more than that. Node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js, which means it can do anything that Chromium can, and also it can do anything node.js can, including creating servers, deleting all of your hard drive, and much more.

  • Thanks, JohnnySheffield, I wasn't aware of the extent to which one could use Chromium as a real platform, instead of just a wrapper. I was under the impression that it was just a standalone Chrome.

  • Well, with Chromium alone, you can't do much more than with any other browser. The "power" comes when you add node.js to the mix. Nodejs adds whole "real" platform feeling.

    It's all in the name node-webkit (node.js + chromium webkit = node-webkit)

  • Well that's scary...I will be very cautions clicking peoples capx files to help them out now...

  • Well that's scary...I will be very cautions clicking peoples capx files to help them out now...

    Since mostly you don't export as exe using the capx, you shouldn't have problems with that, and if 3rd party plugins does ll that, You will need to have them first, so anyway, I don't think you should worry about debbuging a Capx

  • Aphrodite True regarding the third party plugins, but nodeWebkit is an official plug in and ships with C2...

    I can't think of a valid reason to want to do this,so still think it's dodgy...

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  • pixel perfick you'd have to run the actual exported executable in order for this to work, and any additional executables that are called would have to either be downloaded through the app or run from the folder. A capx couldn't call an exe.

    If you're worried about viruses/trojans/etc., any file will have to first get through your anti-virus anyway.

    The solution is pretty simple: don't run executables that you don't trust - the same goes for anything you download from the Internet.

    PS: A perfectly innocent reason for wanting to do this would be to create a launcher app that checks for updated versions of the game before going into the game itself.

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