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  • Using the file chooser.

    Works in chrome on windows, however when exported to android through Intel XDK I get this error when clicking the button: "unfortunately the process not.yet,specified has stopped" and the app crashes/locks up.

    I must be doing something wrong, but I'm buggered if I know what.

  • Hello, this is very easy. In Intel XDK, you need to add cordova plugin and thick all media access for permission. If not, then you'll get error. If you're not sure, i can help you by send me the exported html5 and i'll send you back the apk file

  • Thanks Niko

    I am using Intel XDK and Cordova

    Which plugins should I select:

    1. File

    2. File Transfer

    3. Media

    Basically, I want them to select a jpg from their gallery.

  • I'm also facing the same problem Is there any solution for it?

  • If you have same problem, follow these steps carefully:

    1. Export your project to cordova, don't forget to select "Uses Camera" and "Uses Media" under permissions window

    2. Open latest build Intel XDK, and import your project. Use cordova plugins: YES

    3. Click PROJECTS button on the top left window in the intel XDK project window.

    4. In the CORDOVA HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS tab, select plugins:

    - Camera

    - File

    - Media

    5. In the Build settings you can use crosswalk version 12 or anything else, it's up to you

    6. Now in the Build tab, Build your project in the Crosswalk for android.

    7. Done

    If you following these steps carefully, then you'll not get any error when opening file chooser in the android device. You can open and select image from gallery, uses front or rear device camera, uses dropbox and anything else.

  • nikosurfing now its work! but i'm still can't browse sd card with this file chooser

  • Thank you will give it a try and report back

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  • I try to Load a image with file chooser and set it to a image on my game.

    but when i click on file chooser my app crashing

    i'm also try with user media and camera permission & add plugin (File, Camera, Media) on intel xdk project settings.

    But it still crashing when i touch on it

    is there any way to fix it?

    Note: File chooser work on Android normal build, but user media not work on normal build. user media work on crosswalk build but File chooser not work on crosswalk build.


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