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  • Hello!!!

    Have been reading tutorials and manuals for quite some days now and finally I came to this forum so I can ask you guys few questions. Hope you dont mind. :)

    I have made several searchs but I could not find what I really wanted so I am sorry to come and ask, but I have no other way.

    I am very new to C2 and was reading and watching video tutorials and got the basic idea of this program.

    What I want to do is create a fight game. A very fast example would be a game like

    So I what I would neeed is:

    1- A player character with basic status like damage, hit points and chance to dodge.

    2- This player will levelup and each level will give him some skills and/or equipments.

    3- Save all this info in a database (MySQL for example) and make the game read this so it can create the fights between players.

    4- To fight a player just click another player name, and the program check all this players stats/skill and start a fight. So all random stuff based in formulas like playerA hit playerB, xx damage is done, and so. No player interaction with these fights.

    I guess basically this is it.

    So is Construct 2 able to do this? If so, does anyone can please lead me to tutorials or examples any advice?

    I would really appreciate any help!!!

    Thank you and sorry to ask that much!

  • You can definitely do all of that with Construct 2.

    Parts 1 & 2 are the most simple, as all you have to do is create some local variables for each statistic or value that you want to track (I typically do this by creating an object in the layout view and then adding one from the list on the left), and then after each fight, you add the experience that they got, see if they leveled up, and if they did, then give them X equipment.

    You're going to need to use something like AJAX to connect to your server though and store the data (here is a tutorial on that Once you retrieve the data though, you just have an automated system run through the fight (typically a loop until one player is dead, with whichever attack patterns and calculations you want in between).

    Hopefully that helps!

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  • Thank you very much Rabid! I got now a better picture of the whole cenario. I hope someone else can give me more advices.

    Thank you alot!!!!!!!!!!

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