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  • Yours truly.. I feel like such a noob asking questions lol. Some simple some more advanced, and trust me I tried to figure it out on my own.


    1. How do I make make collision on my player effect only the filled pixels (for example, my sprite is 64x64, but only around 32x48 of it is filled, and it collides with another object before the pixels actually touch).

    2. In Spawner event sheet it is producing npcs (Training Dummies) based on an xml file. However it is only loading the last entry in the xml file. I have a SpawnPoint sprite that has a variable called SpawnEnemy, which is what I want each spawnpoint to load from the xml file.

    How do I do this? I want it to load the data from the xml file based on the variable the spawn point has.

    3. How should I manage my items? I have a sprite called itemdrops, I plan to have this give the player an items based on its GiveItem variable (the variable will be the id of the item, or maybe a string of its name). I think array is the way to go and am going to learn array, is this the way I should go?

    4. When I attack a training dummy I have it create a 16x16 "collision" sprite, in which I do damage based on TrainingDummy On collision with Damage_Mask. Does it sound good to have that method, or is there a better one I should do?


    Move via Arrow keys, press S to attack

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