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  • First thing, My enemy...atm all i've done is duped the player animations (as it will be using the same amount of images) and used a distance check to move , but i cant figure out how to play the animations for it ... i tried copying the similar method the player uses but i couldn't get it to work properly.

    The other thing , Can anyone point me in the right direction for attacking ? ATM im using left and right click to walk / run .. but i want to be able to "left" click attack aswell..This will be when mouse is over a monster though and within distance.

    The way i want my Monsters to work is to hit and play the animations for it , aswell as player .. each hit is timed by the animation (so when the arm is out full .. it hits).

    and the last thing , how would i go by adding weapons to my player .. i know i need to use ImagePoints (so setting that up will be a massive task) .. but how would i go by setting the weapon behind player when facing certain directions ? and also how can i ensure that it plays the right animations (idle, running and hitting for weapon).

    Anyways here my CAPX

    Download Here

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  • Bump , im just looking for a way to get the correct animations to play on monster , just like character... once i have this base i can edit the images on idle / walk / run ... mind , monsters wont be using run! , just walk when in distance of player.

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