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  • Hello everyone! I am new to Construct 2, and I had a few questions about a top down shooter.

    1. How do you make it so the enemies attack you, and spawn randomly?

    2. How do you create a health bar, and a chart to show how many enemies you killed?

    3. How do you make it so the enemies have a different health amount?

    4. How do you make it so there are different types of guns, that have different rates of fire and different damage amounts? And you can select what type of gun you are using at the begging of each round?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, I couldn't figure anything out

    Thanks again


  • Should I code you the game?

    No offense, but what have you tried?

    Have you opened the ghost ahooter tutorial?

    Have you read all the manual?

    It's best practice to share what you have tried and write out what you are stuck on. So many times, just writing a well thought out question can actually lead you to answer it for yourself.

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  • As Tylermon said, many of your questions can be answered by the ghost shooter tutorial. Go to the tutorial section on the site and follow the first 3. The game mechanics inside them will provide you with valuable experience. If you do those tutorials and still have some gaps on how to set up a system that does the things you ask for, post again here. It will be much more constructive for both you and us to guide you then.

  • Two people above me are correct but I would like to add that you need to narrow your question down. Controlling the fire rate of weapons and their damage amounts is already a very big answer and will take an extended amount of time to explain to someone... "new".

  • If reading is not your thing.

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