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  • Hi guys, so Im very excited to be using construct, from what Ive used of it, its awesome, but being a bit of a newbie theres a lot of stuff for my game that I dont know how to do. Hopefully you guys can help, they're a little specific though-

    1). How would I make an infinite (or near to) flat terrain in a top down view, with random biomes, which would obviously just be new textures that fade into them. So because its top down it doesnt need a heightmap, just a flat plane with random textures.

    2). How do I have objects randomly place themselves through the world, like tree's or houses, with some customization (e.g. so I can make certain houses go near each other, have certain tree's in certain biomes, ect..)

    3). How do I have loot randomly spawn throughout the world?

    4). How do I randomly spawn mobs in the world?

    5). How can I make working doors?

    Thanks :D

  • Bump?

  • It sounds like you want someone to make a full game for you. Read some of the tutorials on the site to get started.

  • Oh no, I just need to know how to randomly place objects, how to make infinite, but not procedural (Because that would involve heightmaps and stuff, but this is top down so its just flat for me) terrain and how to get biomes on that. Sorry if thats too much to ask though.

  • Random spawning = e.g. set spawn locations around the game numbered 0-9. When loot needs to spawn, pick a random variable between 0-9, if location is not already in use, teleport loot to location of number picked, set visible, enable pickup etc.

  • Working doors...how?

    Infinite flat terrain, I'm not sure what you require other than what you've already described with fading textures for different biomes.

  • Well, I require the terrain, the actual 'mesh' (I know its not a mesh, but Im saying that to separate it from the texture) to keep going forever. But I need to use the textures to create different biomes.

    As for working doors, just doors that on a key press open and close. Thats a more simple question.

  • For the doors, there is an event Add New > Keyboard > OnKeyPressed (e.g. E) then add an action for the open door sequence.

    What do you mean by 'keep going forever', constantly scrolling in one viewport? the player can walk forever across an infinite terrain?

  • Yeh as int he player can keep walking and objects will keep being placed and textures will keep being generated and such. If thats not possible, then it doesnt have to be literally infinite, but very big.

  • Yeah that's possible in C2. Sounds like memory usage would be extreme though, I would destroy anything that is off screen / not in the player's view.

  • Would it use that much memory? Its just a flat plane?

  • SO you were asking if you can use a giant image? Yes, is the answer lol.

  • No, Im asking how I can generate that giant image essentially, and how to randomly add objects to it

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  • Honestly, it looks like you're setting out to build a daunting game from the get-go.

    This will cause you lots of frustration. I recommend building a simpler prototype. Forget the doors. Forget the endless terrain, just focus on one area that gets randomly generated each time. And so forth.

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