Got a few questions.

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  • I hope some people can answer these, Im at a touch of a lose.

    1) I have a light source centered on my character, however upon touching a object set as Solid it catches and cannot move, how can I make a light source that ignores solid objects and allowing it to follow the character?

    2) top down map,. how do I set gravity so the "bottom" of the map is no longer the bottom allowing physics objects to remain in place.

    3) how do I make a charged up blast attack? the tutorial seems out of date.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Clockwerk.

    1. Sounds like your camera object (if you have one) has solid behaviour and is colliding with the blocks.

    2. Set gravity to 0 in the side panel of any object you would like to ignore gravity.

    3. That tutorial is up to date :) Its the one I learned from.

    (Its much easier to get help Ive found if you provide a cap.x, that is a project saved as a single file then linked through dropbox).

  • Im using a light sprite actually, like the one in the lighting demo.

    As for the tutorial im a bit confused about what its telling me to do, maybe i need to read it again.

    And awesome thanks for the gravity help, appreciated.

  • Ummm actually where is this gravity thing you mentioned? I dont see it on the left panel.

  • Sorry to allow physics objects to stay in place you set the "Immovable" property to yes. (I read your post too quick perhaps) I was talking about the bullet behaviour thats where its pops up.

  • Yeah figured that out shortly after I posted, now the problem im hitting is the light source, how do I make a light sprite that is centered on the character not get trapped on solid objects? Or do I have to do something else to have that happen?

  • One way is the no.1 suggestion. You "float" a seperate object above/onto your player that has no other movement behaviour (other than maybe bullet if you want it to move around).

    You will find great examples of how to use Cameras in the FAQ.

  • I did it! Pin behavior had to be added! hahahaa!

    Okay I cannot figure out the charge shot tutorial, where is this global variable hes talking about?

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  • :)

    To make a global variable you need to right click in the event sheet, from there select global variable.

  • yeah i did that and then its gets very confusing to me.

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