A few issues with "Thomas Was Alone" clone

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  • Because I have no experience in making games or anything I decided my first project to be and recreate the gameplay of "Thomas Was Alone". I'm attaching the Construct 2 file so you can check it out for yourselves (I'm not 100% sure but you might need the personal license at least to open the project).

    There was several things however I could not do right, most of you might think these are just cosmetic issues, but they really bug me I'd love if you guys can help me out a little.

    1. Characters float 1 pixel above ground - I think this is something to do with the physics engine. Both characters have platform, physics and solid behaviours and the ground has solid and physics. The reason I did it like that is because I wanted to make both characters to be able to stack on top of each other (physics), but at the same time to not "freeze" (if only solid) when switched. That's why I think physics are important behaviours for them and cannot do without. The ground has physics because they'd otherwise fall through. If all physics are disabled they "land" on the platform but I loose important behaviours.

    2. Characters should not be able to push each other - Even though I ranked the physics values density and friction to the max they are still able to push each other around.

    3. Character slides when on top of the other - If you've played the original game you'd know that when one of the characters jumps on the "head" of one of the others it'd stay there when the bottom character moves. However mine slide away. I could not think of a way to fix that with friction or anything...

    4. Theres an event chat checks and respawns the character to its original position if it falls outside of the layout, it works fine but for some reason it respawns 2-3 times. I think it might be because I have a System->Wait->0.2 action bound to it, but I need that event for when the character dies in the water. My other option is to create a whole different event for when it falls outside the boundaries, but I was trying to avoid that...

    5. Character slides away when it hits his "head" on a ground platform and has jumping animation. The animation action is no longer present in the file, but I just thought I'd ask anyway. The jumping animation has frames with different sizes, making the rectangle stretch vertically, that makes the engine behave as if the character is stuck inside the ground object and pushes it away to the left or right. I think that I might be able to fix this if I create an event when it hits its head - switch to default animation, but I haven't really tried that.

    Other than that I think I got it quite accurate to the original with the exception of some animations and effects, but after all it's just for education. If you've played Thomas Was Alone, please do let me know if you notice any gameplay feature I'm missing Just to finish it off I will probably add all characters and they respective skills when I have more time to play around with it.

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  • As is often stated, the physics behavior is not designed to work with the other behaviors.

    If you think about it, the physics behavior is an attempt to recreate real-world physical interaction - the platform behavior is not. Therefore unusual things are likely to happen if you try to mix them.

    Either dump physics (easier option), or dump platform and use impulses/forces to move - it will save you time in the long run.

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