few complaints, copying, replace instances etc

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  • a few complaints-

    cant replace all instances so if i decide to change out something

    another alternative would be to paste animations

    cant replace all instances of something, this is a simple word replace, any number of you could program something like that your self and put it in your game, but how to put it in construct 2?! and why dont these simply things exist yet?!@ :P

    I understand the perk of it so if you want to simply change the name of something it goes through all the instances so no harm done, but in this instance if you want the opposite its very difficult

    there is a lot of things this program is missing, very SIMPLE things.

    anyway, not trying to sound bitter, I really like this program, i just hate to see stupid limitations like this.

  • Before complaining, I think you should explain more clearly your issue, and see if you're not just doing it "the wrong way".

    What do you mean by "replace all instances of something" ?

    What is your current setup, what are you trying to do ?

    What have you tried, what did you expect and what actually happened ?

    As mentionned in your other complaint topic, post a capx of your issue so we can help you out and discuss about the point you are making.

    Frustration is natural during the course of learning C2/making a game but this forum isn't the place to vent it out.

  • ... there is a lot of things this program is missing, very SIMPLE things ...

    With a scattershot complaint like this, to be fair, you need to list your "lot of ... very SIMPLE things".

    Let's see them all, please.

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  • Replacing Instances:

    For Each WhateverObject:

    -> WhateverObject-Spawn Different Object

    ->Destroy WhateverObject

    Nope... The "replace" function works fine. it is just a couple of lines instead of 1

    <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • yeah spawn different object, what about the rest of my code that corresponds to that object? :P

    id have to change B amount of code :P

  • Just rename your object, and change the sprite, then create a new object to replace the old one? All the events will change when you rename something.

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