How do I fetch multiple values from array?

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  • Hi!

    I am working on a warehouse application and I am using an Array to store information.

    I am having trouble retrieving all values from the y-axis of the Array. I have a search function where you can select a warehose row (x-axis of the Array) but when I try to retrieve all the Y-axis values of that row I only get the first one. Need help..

  • You will need to share a capx or upload a screenshot of your events so that we can take a look and see how we can help you out.

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  • I'm no expert here but it sounds like a creating a function with a loop and two local variables might be something to consider. example (psuedo code):

    on function "retrieve data"

    local variable arrayX = (put the desired x value here)

    local variable i = 0

    while i < array.height

    retrieve the value here at array(array.x,i)

    i = i+1

    then call the function "retrieve data" where you need it.

    Again I'm no expert with little experience with arrays but maybe this helps a bit.

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