How do I fetch data from Firebase? -Tutorials not clear enough?

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  • TLDR: how do I fetch value data from Firebase using ItemTable? I thought I knew... but it's not working and the tutorials aren't clear enough for this particular case! :(

    Hi guys, I'm super sad to hear that Rex has abandoned plugin support. Unfortunately, his documentation wasn't the best when it came to putting out extensive examples covering all actions - and the available tutorials (all my google links have been clicked!) are incomplete or only show half-solutions that don't apply universally.

    I'm currently trying to download info from my Firebase DB but I can't figure out how to do it considering my DB structure which goes as follows:

    			Manuel: "Allowed"
    			Game_Room: "GameRoomName"
    				HP: "100"
    				Speed: "500"
    				HP: "85"
    				Speed: "250"

    Have I got too much depth in my DB?

    What I'm trying to do is to check whether or not a username is registered - and if so download all the info from this username's record.

    I managed to do the checks to figure out whether or not it was registered - and it seems to be working fine.

    Here's a picture of my current code:

    What I can't seem to figure out is simply how to download the HP value to a variable. I just can't understand what the sequence should be for Rexrainbow's ItemTable plugin.

    The problem is apparently simple: how to download HP values from Firebase?

    ALSO: I'm trying to avoid downloading the whole database each time I need to check a user's stats.

    Could someone please help me out?

    I didn't post the whole code here as I've tried and deleted all sorts of ItemTable combos to no avail but I'll give you more details if you require.

    You may also contact me on Discord: ViLa4480

    Thank you verrrrrrry much for your kind help!

  • Hello,

    Me too I met this problem, to add data and recover them only use the itembook plugin you will see that it's really cool! sorry for my english but i'm french ..

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  • Hello,

    Me too I met this problem, to add data and recover them only use the itembook plugin you will see that it's really cool! sorry for my english but i'm french ..

    Thank you for your quick reply. I've been trying to figure out ItemBook since you suggested it - but it seems pretty much the same as ItemTable and I wasn't able to get it to work properly.

    I'm thinking it might have to do with how the DB is structured with so many levels - so I'll be working on making a new database from scratch and trying this again.

    Thank you for your suggestion Myster62!

  • I'm super frustrated with incomplete tutorials and documentation.

    I was going to post some screenshots here on how to solve this issue as I managed to figure it out on my own - but the forum decided it was not going to accept my pictures and scraped the whole post - so if anyone wants to know how to do it just send me a message.

  • send you a message how

  • send you a message how

    Wow that's actually a great question! xD

    How did you add a link to your Twitter page on your profile?

    I can't seem to be able to find the option to add it to mine! Anyways my Twitter ID is vila4480_Twitch

  • your dms are closed

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