How do I get feedback on Sprite images being loaded?

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  • So, our live client is around 120Mb of images and data being loaded between the various layouts.

    In the HTML5 published version, we have run into issues with C2 loading the page completely the first time a user visits the game client page. Is there a property or something that will give me feedback on the status of the images being downloaded, so that I can display a message to the user to wait (or tell if it has failed client-side)?

  • Try this - ... ng-screens

    Although... doesn't C2 already have a loading bar by default? Or maybe that was an older version

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  • Yea, we already do that. But the problem is that Construct stalls the ability to go to other layouts until all of the images are loaded, which takes a while for our client, and occasionally dies mid-load.

  • So main problem is loading time between layouts? ... onstruct-2

    I think you can use load image from URL to make custom progress.

    So instead of having all the images already placed in the next layout, use placeholder spirits so the layout loads and starts quickly, then load in images with events so you can provide feedback as they load.

    You can use a variable to add to after each image gets loaded.

  • Well, the loader layout (Galaxy View) loads, but the user cannot move to another layout until all of the images from all other layouts load. And the loader layout will periodically fail to load altogether.

    Mostly, what I am looking for is if Construct2 has an AJAX response API that gives me feedback on whether the images are still being loaded, or whether there has been an internet interruption on the user side in order to give appropriate feedback to the user.

    For example, if you open our website, the "loader layout" is the main page, and we have several large images on other layouts (namely race creation), you cannot click on any of the other buttons until ALL of the other layouts load all of the images. It would be nice to have a little text that says: "Loading images..." or something until all of those other images are loaded, or have an error if the image loading stops.

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