Feasibility of making sprite-generator

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  • Hello all,

    I was curious about something: would I be able to use Construct 2 to create a sprite generator?

    Basically what I would want is this:

    When you open the program, you are given the choice between male or female templates. Upon selecting whichever, it shows the template. Then you can select from a range of clothing, hair, accessory items and so forth to essentially 'dress' the template (these would just be 2D pieces of art layered over the template) I am pretty sure all of this stuff is relatively easy thus far. Now, what I am NOT sure would be possible, is being able to then output the template into a usable .png file, so you could then take the created sprite and use it.

    Further, say that after all of this is finished and works and then I later wanted to add additional templates, clothing, hair, etc, would it be possible to expand this with sort of 'add-ons' at a later date?

    Any thoughts/suggestions/comments are welcome!


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  • It's possible. You are going to upload the sprite generator at a website. Just remember to save the project file, so you can make updates n' stuff to it, and then just upload it to a website again.

    It's actually pretty easy to make, but about saving the file, i have no idea.. maybe a plugin or something. Or the user cut take a screenshot :/

    Overall, its possible.

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