Family SOL List not updating?

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    FamilyButton contains sprites ButtonA, ButtonB, and ButtonC.

    Right-Button Mouse Click creates a row of three adjacent buttons.

    Pressing Z puts the first one down in the correct location, but because the family SOL hasn't been updated, it puts the others in random locations.

    Can anyone tell me why the Family SOL is not being filtered on each subsequent System.Create? Shouldn't it behave the same as System.Create for specific sprites?

    -- cacotigon

  • How should it know the difference between a,b,and c, unless you refer to them specifically?

  • well, as I understand it, Families have individual SOL lists just as Sprites do, so I would expect that particular Families SOL list to be set to the last created instance, just as sprite SOL lists do.

    EDIT: What I mean is that the ButtonFamily SOL list should (at the time subsequent to the Create ButtonFamily method) contain only a single UID, it doesn't really matter if it's ButtonA/ButtonB/ButtonC, since I'm using properties (X position) which are common to all of them.

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  • Might do a family.count check there.

  • I think when you create an object from a family type it picks it in the real object type's SOL, but not in the family SOL. You're right it's a bug, I'll try get it fixed for the next build.

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