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  • I normally use "objects in objects" instead of families, so I've run into some unexpected differences in object selection / instance picking when attempting to use them in my latest project.

    +Player is overlapping family and presses Z

    -> Enable family effect

    This enables the effect for all objects in the family, not just the one the player is overlapping like I thought it would.

    +Player is overlapping family

    -> Toggle Boolean "Flash"

    +Is Flash

    -> Enable family Effect

    +Is NOT Flash

    -> Disable family Effect

    And this only works 50% of the time when overlapping the first instance, and 100% of the time when overlapping all instances. And by work, I mean it makes all objects in the family flash, not just the one the player is overlapping.

    I've tried a combination of "For Each" , "Pick nearest/farthest" ,and swapping the order of "player" and "family" but nothing is working - it's all objects or none. Could someone explain this to me?

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  • Dunno what you're doing wrong. What you describe should work.


  • +Player is overlapping family and presses Z

    -> Enable family effect

    Works fine here on r104.

  • Yeah it's uhh...not working like that in my project. Weird. Will investigate.

    EDIT: Ok there were some other events I didn't notice that were interfering. The flashing works now, but the first example still affects all objects in the family instead of the one player is overlapping :\ hmm

    EDIT 2: Solved. It would appear that the only way to toggle family effects on individual objects in a family is to set the parameters so that they look enabled or disabled - actually enabling or disabling the effect will affect all instances.

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