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  • so i got a family of gears, with str instance variable but if i get 2 of same helmet , the rolls are the same amount and i need them to be different rolls each time per gear you get . how would i code for it to roll for each family item individually? please help i've tried setting a boolean and picking but i guess i'm not doing it right cuz the same results always happen if i turn the boolean "stats rolld" (or whatever we wanna call it) it turns all the families boolean to stats rolld so when i get the same helmet the same stat is same as the first helmet i got . if i try picking well i only have one UID to pick so same results on that too , i've tried "for","for each"and "for each(ordered)" someone please be kind to tell me how to code this and or please make a capx for me to refer to

  • Can you post a capx?

  • Your dealing with a very advanced area of Construct2 which is its picking system. I would recommend reading all the tutorials on families, picking of instances, and inventory systems (of which there are many):

    Example: ... o-families

    No amount of instruction or free capx are going to be of much value to you if you don't develop at least the basic understanding if these key Construct2 workings/limitations.

    Also, I believe you already asked this question once.. multiple threads on the same topic will only limit the amount of help people are willing to give.

  • yes i've read everything on families and stuff but i'll read again so i didn't miss anything

    if you dont have full version you can add me on skype once again gryz34 or Gusnation add me and ring me up and i can screen capture and show you what i'm doing

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  • I even tried the function and that doesnt seem to work either , ughhhh someone please knock some sense into me

  • I still need help and why do i get error when i try to upload my capx file anyways here is a link to download the capx ... tory4.capx

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