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  • I'm trying to give different IDs to each instance of a family.

    Suppose I have a family called Units that contains several different sprites. The family has a family instance variable called ID that starts at 0.

    Each time I spawn a sprite, I set its ID to Units.ID + 1. Suppose I spawn 3 sprites - will the sprites have IDs of 1, 2, 3?

    Just trying to figure out how to give different ID values to instances of a family.

  • Hi Excal

    If the family instance variable has a default value of 0.

    And when you add a new sprite you set it to Units.ID(the default value) + 1

    The new sprite's ID will be the default value + 1.

    So in the mentioned case all your sprites IDs would be 1.

    If you want different IDs for each you have to make a global variable which tracks the number of spawned sprites.

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  • Turns out I was being stupid and just needed to use UID ;)

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