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  • I have two families:

    weapon and bosses

    There's an event that check the collision between both of themz:

    Weapon Family on collission with Boss Family

    The problem starts when I want to check the collision between the weapon family with one of the bosses in the family:

    Weapon Family on collission with Boss A.

    Because I want specific actions for that specific boss

    C2 doesn't execute/ignoring the actions.

    Is there a rule in this case that I've missed?

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  • Hi,

    I think it should work. Check the collision mask.

    For a workaround, you could use on collision with family and add a for each loop on your BossA and add this condition Boss.UID= BossA.UID

  • the event needs to be:

    Weapon_Family on collision with Boss_Family

    Boss_A, pick instance with UID Boss_Family.UID

    & that will pick the Boss_A family member

  • Can I see your event sheet snapshot? ? Cause if it's what I think the way Ashley explained to me is when an instance is picked it's picked for that one event so any sub event will go by what was initially picked what you have to do for the sub event is do system pick all with the pick uid for it to work. If you have it set up the way I think it will "ignore" the event. As you can see here when he was explaining to me

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