how do I use families?

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  • I recently bought construct 2 standard edition, and I have to make a pile of the same object, so I have to pin them, and when the platform that is at the bottom moves it has to move all of the object that are piled above of the platform. I have been seeing the forums and they said that with collision with same objects its better to use families, but I don't know where is the option to make families in the event sheet, so I would like to know where to find it. Theres the group option but that only groups the events in the event sheet. Do I have to upgrade to another version? I currently have Construct 2 R84, built at mar 26 2012. Thanks

  • Families are on the Project Bar, they appear as a folder. Once you create a family, it will appear on the conditions and action icons.

    The manual needs an update.

  • Families are on the Project Bar, they appear as a folder. Once you create a family, it will appear on the conditions and action icons.

    The manual needs an update.

    I wondered about that myself.

    What's the best way to file a bug against the manual? I'm one of those strange people who like to sit down and read manuals from A to Zed. I think the manual for Construct 2 is one of the better ones I've ever seen, but there's always bits and pieces that need improvement, especially since Construct 2 is changing frequently.

  • Thanks Xavier, I found it. Yes I think the manual should be updated to include the new things they add.

  • Is it possible to use "Pin" behavior conditions/actions in the event sheet when working with families?

    I have a group of objects that need to use the pin behavior. I added them to a family, but in the event sheet, I can not use Pin conditions/actions on the family.

  • Behaviors are not passed through families. What you're going to need to do, instead of using the Pin Behavior, is to have a ForEach [family] loop, every tick, set their position to another object. This will essentially do the same thing as the pin behavior.

    Though I must ask, from someone more knowledgeable than I--is there a significant performance drop if you set one object's position to another object, provided the other object doesn't move?

  • Family behaviors is coming on next release, I believe

    brockatkinson there's probably no performance drop

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  • What I did was first look if the family collide with the sprite, and set a flag if this was true, then in another event after that one, I recheck if the family collide with the sprite and check the flag, you cannot pin the family to the sprite, but the sprite to the family can be pin; cause this is the way it worked for me

  • Hmm well I hope families will include behavior events in the near future... so far for my project, families are useless because they don't include behaviors.... like i have objects your character can pick up and throw, using the physics behavior. It would be AWESOME if i could just set up the events for one family and i could easily make dozens of different objects you can pick up and throw... oh well, for now i just have to copy and manually replace all the rules. sigh

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