How do I make a falling pattern

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Template for an alternative to falling shapes, fully documented in comments and video
  • Hello.

    I am trying to make an enemy that works pretty much as the classic Super Mario big angry stone guy that sits on the top of the screen and falls down every X seconds and then gets up again. I've toyed around with physics and can't seem to figure it out.

    Anyone have done anything like this before or can point me where can I find some information to help me?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Something like this?

    You can tweak the values.. ... locks.capx

  • That's more or like it, but not quite exactly. No sure the way it functions will work for what I want in case I want to make a complicated rotation, doesn't quite look like it could be adjusted with the delay.

    Thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it very much.

    Also trying to toy around with your capx, I dont like the knockout mechanic so I removed the bullet behavior on player and when you get hit the player simply stops. Sorry for my lack of experience but what's causing this?

  • Everything can be adjusted if you program it right..

    What did you expect the player to do?

    There is an action that starts ignoring the user input of the platform behaviour..

    If you haven't removed that action the player stops..

  • Haven't notice that, just checked it quick on laptop because I dont have the beta r10 installed on my desktop computer and I didn't see the subgroup inside with the player actions lol. Will try to do so now. Thanks bud!

    Edit: Is there a way to apply the bullet speed to 0 & disabled you applied to ground, for 3-4 objects without having to make the condition for every object?

    Edit2: I guess making a family within those objects?

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