Falling object with a platform character staying on top?

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  • I have 2 objects both using the platform behavior, both have the same gravity and max fall values.

    One is the playable character and the other is a big block that also uses the solid behavior, so the playable character can climb and jump on it.

    Is it possible to have the big block fall, while the playable character stills stands on it, but without the playable character losing footing? (So that the player can still move the character around as the block falls) It seems whatever I do the playable character always stays a few pixels on top when they're both dropping, which ruins the whole idea.

    I read somewhere on these forums that I should attach the character to the top of the falling object. I've tried setting its position to the top of the bounding box. I've also tried pushing the character down while the block is falling using the Y velocity but none of these solutions seem to do the job.

    Does this even work? Should I change the big blocks behavior to something different? Help!

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  • Does pin behaviour with pin at image point on top of the block do anything? Too lazy to set up a test.

  • It does something. But unfortunately it still keeps that gap between the objects. Is there any other solution to this?

  • One option I suppose is to not use the platform behaviour to move the block, you can try sine or just events to increase its Y, will that have the desired effect?

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