Fall through solid when dropped?

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  • Hello!

    I'm working on a game for a senior project involving ghosts messing around with furniture and decor. I wanted to make the ghost pick something up off of a table and drop it 'behind' the table as the object was simply pushed off.

    The table has solid while the objects on it have platform. The mechanics up until the drop work, I just need the object to go past the table on the way down.

    I currently have it coded so that when the object - as an example, a cup -collides with the table, then it falls through

    So Cup on collision with Table -> Fall through

    But this doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? That's currently the only line dedicated to the actual fall but I can answer anything else if it'll help solve this issue.


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  • Did you add "Jumpthru" behavior to the table sprite? You can only add "Jumpthru" and remove "Solid".

  • Did you add "Jumpthru" behavior to the table sprite? You can only add "Jumpthru" and remove "Solid".

    Yeah I tried this during one of my tests but it didn't seem to work? I'm about to try it again because maybe I missed something when testing that.

    I did, however, seem to find a convoluted solution? Pairing platform with Bullet I can disable Platform before it falls, enable bullet, and then have a 'cue' sprite between the table and floor so once it's past the table bullet is disabled and platform is re-enabled. From there, the break animation can be played.

  • Collision is checked only once, maybe the collision occurs before the object is fully on ground or maybe its a bug.

    Try using On Landed for the box instead of collision, it doesn't really matter where it lands, if it can fall through it should work.

    Worse case scenario you can check for overlapping Y in offset between the two or check if the box isOnFloor.

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