Fall through Platforms

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  • If the player stand in a platform that have the jump through behavior

    and the down arrow and the jump button are pressed together, the character should fall through the platform

    I know it's an old question but every kind of reply I've looked was about CC and not C2 and something is different in C2, so I can't find the functions for this task >.<

  • Why do you think the character should fall down?

    That was the case in CC, but that functionality hasn't been implemented in C2 as far as I'm aware.

  • it's not that I think it should fall, it's what I'm trying to achieve xD

    so I looked around in the forum but this answer is only about CC

    so I was wondering how to make it with C2, that's all :)

  • You could do a little trick(Not sure if this will work)

    But clone the sprite you wish to fall through on, remove all behaviours from it, And then when you need to fall through the platform set the x and y to another location, and spawn the sprite, Then once fallen through the sprite place the platform back where it was and destroy the sprite..

    You'll have to play around with instance variables to do this.

    Let me know if you need some help, Send me a capx and i'll help you, <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • The Jumpthru behavior can be enabled or disabled, so you could check for the player overlapping a jumpthru platform and also check for down key being pressed and jump key, and if all 3 conditions are met then disable the jumpthru behavior. Toggle it enabled straight afterwards. That might work until Ashley can build the fall-through behavior.

  • zenox98

    It works but partially, since even if the Jumpthru platform has it's behavior disabled with the three conditions checked, the character remain on it without falling through it, and if you move left or right nothing happen, but if you jump then on the fall (after the jump) the character will go through the platform with the disabled behaviour


    well, I'm new to C2 so I don't really know how to put the new spawned platform on the same position of the moved one >,<

  • Ok, Publically post your capx or send it to me in a private message and i'll fix it for you.

  • maybe its not really overlapping when you press down and jump?

  • this is the capx >,<


  • Here ya go: dl.dropbox.com/u/51270524/jumpThroughFixed.capx

    Its not 100% perfect but it will do, It takes a couple milliseconds to kick in but it works no need to press the jump button again.

    Honestly its probably better it takes a few milliseconds, It gives the player some time to jump if its falling..

  • Fallthrough example

    It is a matter of picking.

    You need to move the jumpthru out of the view, but keep a reference to it, to position it again later.

  • smitchell


    "Jump --- shift is not a nice key to use, People do not like it.."

    You're absolutely right!!! ;P

    but I'm just trying to understand how to make things works, I haven't planned of using directional arrow insted of wasd or anything else..

    I will change everything in the main project, don't worry! ;P

    when I'll release a beta I'll make you try if it's ok ;P

    However to me it takes more than a couple of milliseconds O.o

    because I putted back the condition that if you press the down arrow key and the jump while being on a jumpthru, than the character won't fump but fall through the platform =)

    in your case I think it was 0.2 ms because of the jump (the jump animation takes more than 0.2 ms ;) )


    Yes, that was the idea, but I didn't know how to make it ;)

    well.. I have never used UID so I didn't thought of it >,<

    Many Thanks!! ;)

  • you can allways use the wait action if you need it to wait a little longer before disabling..

    And yeah sure i'll be happy to test it <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Nice. But what if I have used the Tiled_Background element for JumpThru Plattforms. I guess the spawn Action doesn?t exists here?

  • Can refresh this capx please smitchell!

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