how to make fall down based on time limit

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  • Hi friends,

               i have a problem in the game.i have many sprite images with the same name(sprite3) and i have kept that sprite images in the layout and also kept a time bar in it but few sprite images are out of layout .

    coming to the game==

    When i click on that sprite images it will get destroyed and when the time ticks up(that would be 10sec's) the sprite images which are present outside the layout has to fall down on the layout and need to display for every 10sec's.


              a b c--- sprite images outside the layout

    • --------------------------------------------------------

              1 2 3 4

              5 6 7 8----- sprite images inside the layout


       when i click on 1,2 3, after 10 sec's the one which is present outside the layout has to fall down in inside the layout

    Can anyone help in this


  • On sprite3 clicked activate the sprite3 instance with the same x-coordinate. (even better would be just to spawn a new sprite at (sprite3.x,-100)) Start a timer and move when timer hits 10 seconds.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience Littlestain i have tried using different stuff but could not succeed.

    Actual thing what i need is like after every 10sec's the sprite3 images that are present outside the layout has to fall down and set total score,wanted total. Sorry if i trouble you

    Please help me,and here is the dropboxlink

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  • The capx you posted uses a plugin (rex-functions) that I don't have so I can't open it.

    if you spawn the sprite3 every ten seconds, set animationframe to random, give it a platform behaviour, let it drop and turn of the platform behaviour on collision with the onscreen instances. wanted can just be taken from adding all visible.

  • yeah thanks for that Littlestain,but the thing is after destroying i am getting the numbers through spawn and the animations are getting changed to anonther.


          But i actually what i need is like the numbers which i kept above the layout it has to fall down on the present screen which numbers are will be there and randomly it has to take numbers repeatedly after every 10Sec's and should match the Wanted Total to it.

  • If you want the numbers already there just follow my explanation from the give it platform behaviour part.

    I don't know if you have changed a lot of code since the last time I changed "your" game, but this shouldn't be too hard by just using standard behaviours.

  • Thank you so much LittleStain it's working :). Sorry once again if i trouble you.

    i have tried what you said and that's fine but the thing is that Wanted total is not matching to drop down sprite images but actually it should get matched.I tried but could not get it.please help me

    Here is the link where i removed Function plugin and made it

  • I don't know what you are trying to do, so before I change things again that shouldn't be changed, I'll ask.

    Why do you want the wanted total changed?

    Do you understand how the events and conditions in your program work?

    You don't seem to try and change the wanted total in your event sheet.

    As far as I know not many of the events in your game were actually written by you and you seem to have posted a question on the forum about every event in your event-sheet. Do you feel like you are learning from the help you get here?

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