Faking 3D projection from multiple angles

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if it's at all possible to change the scale of a 2D sprite, dependent on where the horizon line of a background image is.

    For example, some games such as the first Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 7 seemed to be able to simulate a different scaling value as the player approached the back of the screen in some scenes (running down a corridor, etc).

    So far I've been able to create this effect but only on a singular vanishing point basis (looking straight in to the distance), but since the observer would potentially be looking down upon the player, this would require a 3 point perspective approach.

    I've read a few articles about it and am still a bit unsure about where to begin properly (after getting up to scratch with trigonometry of course) ;) Including the article on here about pseudo 3D games, which worked a treat, only, I wasn't really sure how to apply that to if you were looking down (again from a 3 point perspective idea).

    But I felt it a good idea to ask on here in case anyone else had either encountered the same problem, or, had wondered the same. If you have any ideas or could help in any way, it would be massively welcome.

    Thanks for reading and all the best!

  • Yan can simply scale by position on X or Y

    But you would have to coincide it with your level/layout background.

    For instance, you have a layout level where you can walk down the street, and the view goes a bit up into the depth ...

    if you used X,Y in the top left (0,0) as origin, the you could simply rely on the Y-axis, and base a small formula on how hgh up on the Y axis the image is and scale accodingly (or size)

    I use similair in my

    virtual attempt

    Its way quicker then the psuedo 3d thing

    arrows to move, and A and D for side stepping

    c to kill spiders

    x to burn the webs

  • Ah that's actually a really good idea, much better than getting all tied up with crazy matrix equations and things, I shall give that a try! Thank you very much for your reply! :]

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  • I just noticed the link wasnt working, I updated it

    web example

    Andd your welcome ^_^

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