How do I Make a Fake X close button for ads?

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  • My game is almost complete (yes, after almost a year of working on it... such little time i have :c) and i've been testing it from the Play Store's Alpha test options and my friends are loving it so far. Today one of my friends, after i told him that the ads that were playing paid me 0.000 something, my friend goes and asks me why i dont make a fake button on the other side of the screen so if some, unfortunate, fellow wants to close the ad he has a 50% chance of failing and clicking it, thus increasing the app's income...

    So, besides this being a cheap shot, how would you guys go about doing this? I dont think that the ads that are displayed can be "edited" so any ideas?

    TLDR: add fake X to ads to confuse users /

    or move the X to one of the 4 corners of the screen at random so that the user, once he thinks that the X is on one corner he will click there by instinct as fast and possible only to miss and click on the add

    P.s. im only considering this idea from a programming point of view,

    p.p.s sorry for bad english im not smart

  • That will most likely be agaisnt the terms of any Ad provider you are using for your games. Do not do this. You could and most likely will get your account banned with whatever service you are using.

  • Dumb idea. Google play has bots that specifically look for these kind of 'tricks'. This will get your developer account banned and its extremely difficult to open and operate another account. You have to change you account, change your PC, change your IP address, change your payment details etc and eventually, they will still find you.

    Focus on legitimate methods of ad revenue because, believe me, Google has smarted devs looking for these shenanigans that us pseudo-devs using Construct because we don't know how to code

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  • Oh okay guys thanks for the reply's i thought so hah, wont bother with it then

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