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  • Is it possible to create a fake button to auto-play a sound on start-up on an iPad...?

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  • A fake button?

    i.e. ?

    Don't know exactly what you're asking, but,

    you can use touch to trigger an event to play a sound; Therefore we are emulating a button.

  • It is a browser limitation that sound is to be played on an user action only.

    It depends on your browser/device, not much that can be done about it. Think your design to work around this limitation.

  • Hi chaps,

    I've been doing some research on sound for iOS devices and I know you can't play a sound on start-up without a touch trigger. Apple doesn't want to autoplay video and audio on IPad because of the high amout of traffic you can use on mobile networks however I found that you can emulate a fake button which might play the sound but that was for older versions of iOS.

    I was wondering if it was possible to achieve this in construct 2...

  • You can trick.

    Make a first layout (a splash screen ?) where your user has to "click" a button, and start playing music from there and take him to the next layout (system action "go to layout"/"go to layout (by name)").

    That's what I meant by "Think your design around this limitation".

  • Thanks Kyatric,

    It will have to do until Apple decides to change this.

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