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  • Hi

    I am really struggling with events. I am trying to write one where it checks whether one of the player 1's counters is currently overlapping another player 1 counter, or a player 2 counter, or has been dropped back on the same spot as when it started. I was wondering whether someone could answer:

    1. If the condition in the event says "Player 1" (for example) - is that the instance that has been selected by the player or is it some general sprite? For example, I have an event where "player 1 is overlapping player 2".

    2. If I want to compare an instance variable on a counter with the UID of a sprite on the background, how can I find the sprite over which the player 1 instance is hovering?

    Hope this makes sense and any help would be appreciated!



  • 1. It will check all instances.

    2. Using 'Is overlapping player 2' should affect that specific instance only.

    If it doesn't, try adding the condition "System > Pick overlapping point", then specify the object and then type "player1.X" and player1.Y" for the coordinates.

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  • Thanks, I'll give it a go.

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