Failed to open project... How do I fix this?

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  • When I try to open my project a window opens which says the following:

    "Cannot find object texture file 'SpriteFont.png' in the project texture folder. Check the file has not been renamed or removed.

    Under element: c2project \ object-folder \ object-type

    Line 4519, column 9"

    Not sure quite what it means but I haven't renamed any SpriteFonts and it's preventing me from opening my project.

    Help me guys

  • Hey Cody, do you save your file as a C2project (in a folder) or is it a capx? If it's a capx, you can decompress it with your regular compression software (7-zip, winrar...) and add an image named "SpriteFont.png" in the object-type folder. This should solve your issue.

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks Valerian,

    I'm still having problems though. I decompressed the project and it turns out there's no textures or animations folder? I tried creating a texture folder and adding a "SpriteFont.png" image but upon opening my project the same error message occurred, this time replacing "SpriteFont.png" for "Option1.png". I added another image to the folder named Option1 but the error message came up again saying I needed "Option2.png" and then later "9patch.png".... I'm Hoping I don't need to replace all of the textures in this way and also that I don't need to replace all of my animations too, because I had a lot -.-

    Is there anyway I can recover the two missing folders?

  • nope. you can't.

    btw. check if you have .backup file ? you can restore your project to the last working state.

    also create then a empty folder on your desktop and save as project in it. check if everything is there -> therefore you get back your folders and stuff.

  • Tried restoring with the backup, same error... Oh well thanks guys

  • Cody it looks like you lost some images in you project. Have you move your project directory recently? or deleted anything?

  • No I haven't. All I did before this thing happened was add a few animations to one of my sprites and then save and exit.

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