Fail ! CC is NOT C2 !

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  • I found the ebook for Construct and bought it.. without knowing that it is for Construct Classic !

    Aehm.. I don't want to let it dust on its virtual shelf.. Will reading it - doing the tutorials etc. help me with Construct2 games?

    Or should i make games with construct Classic?

    I find the second option kinda bad since i've heard rumors about allot of bugs and i wouldn't get the cool Plugins from C2

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  • Actually CC is quite a good engine in my opinion. Indeed a few bugs, but once you know them you can avoid them pretty easily.

    Also there are a bunch of pretty good plugin for CC. And I think at the moment C2 hasn't caught up with all of CC's feature yet.

    In short, I don't think you wasted your money.

    Well, I don't know much about the quality of the ebook. There's no official ebook for cc as far as I know.

    And yes, CC and C2 are very similar, so learning CC isn't a waste of time 'cause C2 works the same way.

    So enjoy (:

  • Thx alot ^^

    I will update if the book is a scam or good stuff

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  • Thx alot ^^

    I will update if the book is a scam or good stuff

    But i think its Le Book on CC.

    I "Pre-Ordered" it

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