Fading Between Layer Colours?

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  • It's me again. This will hopefully be my final question, but I am just wondering how I would go about fading between layer colours?

    At the moment I am setting a layer background colour to a random, R,G and B value and every 10 seconds the colour will change to another random colour, but I want this to be a soft fade effect not a hard and sudden colour change. How would I go about fading between layer colour changes without there being a glimpse of any transparency or background colour showing?

    I thought of a two events at once with delay approach, but it seems hacky in that if any of the events go out of time, then the other event won't be perfectly in time.

    Help is gratefully appreciated.

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  • I tinkered with an attempt ...


  • I tinkered with an attempt ...


    Wow, that works really well. Thank you very much.

    It seems as though fading colour values on a single layer isn't achievable, using your approach I am doing this and it works the way I wanted it to.

    Have two layers with randomly generated colours

    Every ten seconds hide the current layout and show the next randomly generated colour layout by fading the previous one out and fading the next one in at the same time

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