Fade out transparent object (behaviour Issue)

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  • I'm using the fade behaviour to have an already transparent object fade in when created, and again fade out when it's to be destroyed. When I want it to fade in, it hits the transparency point and stays there... great! When It's deleted though, it shoots up to 100% transparency and then fades out.


    What am I doing wrong? Is this behaviour meant to work like this? I don't see how that's a useful feature.

    *Also, side note, is anyone else experiencing issues with the forum? Nearly every time I try to post now I find it's timed me out. I'm not that slow a typist!

  • Set active at start to no and just add a restart fade for the fade in action after the create object action and your done..

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  • Thanks

    It works, but why do I need to add an extra step (I know it's only one)? What's the reason for it jumping up to 100% opacity?

    Is there ever a time that you'll want it to go to 100% opacity first?

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