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  • Hello

    I'm simulating the transition between young to adult Tree

    To give it a smoother effect, im using the fade effect for both objects,


    Condition: TreeA has energy 30) = Event: TreeA starts Fade (fade out), TreeA spawns TreeB (which fades in automatically)

    Problem is that it spawns a huge amount of TreesB! not just 1, i've tried using the command " only first time" but it makes the other event null as well.

    Is there a way to archive the desired effect without spawning a whole forest?

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  • You are spawning an instance of treeB every tick treeA has energy 30.

    And because you haven't picked an instance of treeA all instances of treeA will spawn.

    add a trigger once while true condition and if you have more trees on your layout you should add a for each treeA condition.

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