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  • Hey everyone! I'm coming to a close on my first simple game, but I'm running in to an issue. I'm having blocks fall from the sky in to 8 random columns, with a sprite jumping around trying not to get squished. I also have a fade effect which destroys blocks after 30 seconds.

    This works perfectly, save for the fact that the game levels up every 25 blocks, and blocks drop faster. The problem I'm running in to is that the screen quickly fills up with blocks.

    Is there a way to assign a variable to the fade behavior? Is there some other way that doesn't require me making 8 versions of the same sprite and doing logic to drop them in at the proper level? Thanks much, guys!

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  • This has been requested a number of times but it's still in the todo list as far as i know.

    You could always create your own fade through events.

  • This is true... Thanks so much for replying. I thought it might have been a niche need, so I didn't search. I have learned from my mistake lol.

    Thank you again! :D

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