How do I Fade the screen color

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  • Okay I'm stumped...

    Just did a day/night system but I am having issue with how to fade between screen colors, and troubles figuring out what colors to fade to. I am currently looking at RPG Maker Scripts for the numbers (Prototype with RMVX and build with C2). Trying to build a nice looking RPG just cannot seem to find the numbers.

    I tried Tint however it does RGB and I need saturation too. Tried AdjustHSL however I cannot convert RGB into HSL accurately enough (it says 200 hue with 20 sat and 20 luminosity which is obviously wrong as Dawn should not be pitch black).

    Anybody tried yet to play around with effects yet to tint the screen?

    Edit: I guess I am wondering how to Transition/Fade screen colors at certain times (I got the times) to certain colors (need to know how to get the right colors, Dawn/Day/Dusk/Night).

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