How do I fade the screen?

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  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a smarter way to do a screen-fade than fading a screen-sized sprite/layer?

    Is there some functioniality in C2 for that?

    I found the layout effects and am thinking of ramping up the gamma dynamically through 'set effect parameter'. but what is the variable for that I would be increasing per tick?

  • Are you talking about Gamma effect? there's just literally 1 parameter.

    I'm not sure what you meant by "variable"

  • yeah, let me rephrase: how do I ramp up gamma per tick?

    not sure whether gamma would help me with my screen fade, what other smart options are there?

  • According to description of Gamma parameter, the values are only 0 to 3, But (while in layout view in C2) I personally tried values way higher than 3 like 50, 80, 100 (this looks closer to full black).

    You can try a counter (using a global variable) that adds to itself every second and (for action) Set parameter 0 to a variable's value also (this variable's also being increased through time).

    I never tried this btw, but I checked and there seems to be no expression for effect parameters, so you can't reference "the current parameter value then add 1" as expression (as far as I know)

  • yeah that's my issue, hadn't thought of going through a global variable tho. thanks

  • facecrime

    can you paste a screenshot if ever something works for your fade?

    I might also need this in the future for my game. thanks

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  • Right, here you go. Had issues getting gamma to work, no idea what parameter settings I need.

    Instead I used the AdjustHSL-effect and ramped that up from a default value of 100


    Not sure I'm completely satisfied the way the colors shift to white, but it's working at least

    It seems the effect has issues with areas where alpha is at full opacity or tranparency.

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