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  • how to i make

    when mouse clikc on object set opacity 100 - 20 and 20 - 80 like fade in fade out .. with loop infinity time

    can be work with fade behavior ?

  • Probably, but it's just as easy to do it through events. Give your object two instance variables (I'll call them "goforit" and "fade" for the heck of it).

    Now it's a little unclear exactly what you're looking for, but it sounds like you want to activate a fading loop/psuedo-flash once you click on an object. I also presume you want to turn the behavior off. By default, both values will be 0.

    On Click, set "goforit" to 1. You'll use this as a toggle to active/deactivate the effect

    From there, you'll just compare the state of the object and change the opacity accordingly.

    Here is an image showing the events to make this in a very flexible way:

    300 is the speed of the fade, the rest is state management.

  • can you send capx plz?/ im confused with sub oO

    im my game i spawn alot same object,,, how is stop and start when i click a new object?

  • The capx would be a sprite, the mouse plugin, and then that exact event sheet. I screenshotted the entire thing. You might need to check out the manual or a tutorial on how sub-events and object-picking work--my capx wouldn't change anything with your understanding of those. If you're trying to affect multiple objects, you might need to look into "for each" loops as well.

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  • also look at the sine behaviour which has an opacity movement setting...

  • why dont u use sine behavior opacity? it automatically creates a looping fade out in u only need to change the period magnitude random starting .. if u need any ...random start... keep in mind ... if u set magnitude to 20 that means the higher the sine will go to 20 opacity and lower ... if u set 100 the magnitude the sine will go to 100 opacity and below

    you only need to trigger that bolean u made into enabling and disabling the sine... and when its enabled add a sub condition trigger once set opacity to 100 or what is ur max visibility point u want ...

    RamPackWobble jinx ... didn't read ur comment before lol...

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